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Regenerative Alberta

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Dr. Kris Nichols on the Food Stories Podcast

Updated: May 13

In March, 2024, the Regenerative Alberta Living Lab’s (RA-LL) lead soil scientist, Dr, Kris Nichols made a guest appearance on the local Alberta Podcast, Food Stories. In the episode, Kris tells host Barb Sheldon about her food story. Kris discusses how local, Alberta grown food has elevated her eating experience like never before. “It is the best beef that I have ever had,” Kris remarks when talking about eating beef raised in Alberta. “I’ve been to some of the best steak houses in the major cities…you can taste the care and the work that Andrea and Shipwheel Feeders puts in to managing their animals and…making sure that they are doing some of the the best practices to help regenerate their soils and produce a very high quality product. ” Shipwheel Feeders is a RA-LL Producer, and participates in regenerative agriculture and the Living Lab project. When asked what Dr. Nichols attributes the high quality of Alberta products to, she discusses the why behind how microbes work in the guts of animals like cattle and humans. “As we are looking at what we are feeding animals, it does really change not just the quality of the fats… but also the nuanced quality of the different flavor molecules and various micronutrients… and that really does change the way the food tastes.” 

To hear Dr. Nichols’ food story and more about the Regenerative Alberta Living Lab project, tune in to the Food Stories podcast here or anywhere you get your pods. 

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