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Regenerative Alberta

Living Lab

  • Writer's pictureBarb Sheldon

Kimberly Cornish on Food Security and Soil Health Measurement at the 2022 Saskatchewan Soil Health Conference

Hear from our very own Kimberly Cornish of Food Water Wellness on linear vs circular agricultural systems; data collection and measurement as a key mechanism for scaling up regenerative agriculture; and carbon offsets earned by producers at the 2022 Soil Health Conference: Why Carbon Matters, hosted by the Saskatchewan Soil Conservation Association.

Kim spoke about her journey from political science and international development to food security and measuring soil health to validate regenerative agricultural systems. Getting to know a group of Kalahari San people in the village of Vergenoeg, Namibia spurred her passion for improving food security. She founded FWWF and began working in soil health measurement and mapping after connecting with scientists at the UN FAO Global Symposium on Soil Organic Carbon in 2017. 

“We fundamentally need to build food security, and the only way we can build food security is through more sustainable, round systems.”

Hear Kim’s full talk, Soil Carbon Measurement and Monitoring to Enable Landscape Level Change (from minute 5:05:00 to 5:53:00), to learn more about her work and career and how it pertains to the Regenerative Alberta Living Lab. 

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