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Regenerative Alberta

Living Lab

  • Writer's pictureBarb Sheldon

We’re Published: Predictive Soil Mapping Pilot Study

Updated: Apr 3

The integral pilot study that led up to the Living Lab has been published in the journal FACETS. Authors include Kimberly Cornish and Dr. Kris Nichols of RALL; Dr. Preston Sorenson, expert on predictive spectral data processing and predictive soil mapping; Dr. Monika Gorzelak, research scientist and lead of the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) science team; and others.

The pilot study used 2-scale and Latin hypercube sampling, spanning 404 locations across the province. The study stemmed from a consistent lack of information regarding carbon sequestration potential in soils, and sought to improve soil carbon estimates in Alberta. 

The researchers found a higher organic carbon content in grassland soils compared with cropland, and, unexpectedly, a higher stock of SOC below 30cm depth than predicted. 

Access the full paper and results of the study here.

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